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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  May 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. this is 9news now. new information tonight in that mid air collision involving two planes over bealeton, virginia. that's in fauquier county. it happened right around 4:00 this afternoon and tonight two people are dead. matt jablow has the tragic details. >> i've never had so much activity in your front yard. >> reporter: john says he thought his house may have been on fire when he saw all of the emergency vehicles surrounding his property when he got home around 5:00 this afternoon.
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>> the crash site is probably about 16 feet long. >> reporter: it turns out that one of two small planes that collided in mid air over bealeton, virginia late this afternoon had crashed in his back yard, burst into flames. >> when we arrived, we did find one of the planes on fire. >> reporter: and killed two people on board. >> we could tell whoever was in that probably did not survive. >> reporter: the other plane, a single engine piper cherokee landed relatively smoothly in a field a mile away from the other crash site. >> there is a debris field in the area, so there were pieces around. >> reporter: the pilot of the cherokee was conscious when rescuers arrived and is now being treated at mary washington hospital in fredericksburg. >> i'll never forget that. >> reporter: you'll never forget it. >> especially on memorial day. >> reporter: the names of the victims have not yet been released. the preliminary report on the accident should be released in 10 days. matt jablow, 9news now. >> fortunately no one on the ground was injured when those
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planes crashed. ♪ taps playing >> americans in the dc area and across the area remembered the brave men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice. president obama and mitt romney both attended ceremonies. washington dc also played host to a national parade. we have more from the white house. >> reporter: veterans and active members of the military wash through the streets of washington d-- march through the streets of washington dc. spectators applauded the service members as a show of gratitude. the parade also featured musical performances and floats. president obama obama made his first stop at arlington memorial cemetery. >> these 600 acres are home to americans from every part of the
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country who gave their lives in every corner of the globe. >> reporter: the president then commemoratede 50th anniversary of the start of the vietnam war at the memorial that honors the more than 58,000 soldiers that lost their live. the president also said americans are no longer dying in iraq and that the war in afghanistan is winding down. he promised service members that they get the benefits they need when they come home. republican presidential hopeful mitt romney made an appearance with senator john mccain at a memorial service in san diego. >> they're willing to sacrifice themselves for a greater purpose. the nation's greatness is measured in the same way. >> reporter: they focused on the need for america to have the world's strongest military. >> so many people out and about for the day or weekend are still
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trying to make their way back home tonight after the long holiday. we'll take a live look at our traffic camera on u.s. 50 at sandy point. kind of difficult to see but it still looks like lots of headlights streaming back towards the district. scott broom was showing us the same area literally a crawl. and some people got turned away from sandy point because it was too crowded at the beach. memorial day turned deadly for a maryland man. a group of people were crossing the coastal highway in ocean city when a vehicle came speeding down the road slamming into 22-year-old matthew cheswick. cheswick was pronounced dead at the hospital and the driver took off. police caught 30-year-old de owing owe -- 30-year-old digxtogo fa sheen owe.
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>> reporter: business owners are excited abot the big boost in ocean city. summer is here in a big way and the boardwalk has roared back to life. last year 280,000 people made their way through the jrue sort town for the memorial day weekend alone and this year is shaping up to be even better. >> numbers were definitely up this year. we were really excited about everyone coming here. the turnout seems to be phenomenal in comparison to last year. we were really, really excited about it. >> reporter: other boardwalk businesses say y live for this weekend. the official numbers are expected to be released tomorrow. it was packed, really packed at the great waves water park in cameron run regional in alexandria. check out all of the people jammed into the wave pool. kids of all ages enjoying the water slide. a nice way to cool down. it was so hot, a heat alert was in effect for parts of our area.
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anny hong on the weather terrace. >> a lot of us will be in the 90s tomorrow. no heat advisory has been issued by the national weather service for tomorrow, but it looks like we're going to be dealing with another hot and humid day. all right. record highs today. dulles tied the record today at 98. that was set back in 1991. down at reagan national we got to 90. baltimore got to 93. just four degree shy of your record of 97 degrees set in 1941. so all of us getting into the 90s. here is a look at our conditions where we're expecting temperatures right now in the lower 80s downtown. you factor in the humidity, it feels like mid 80s in downtown right now and it's already 11:00. so we're cooling down very slowly. overnight clear to partly cloudy. it will still be muggy. lows getting down to 69-73 degrees. tomorrow you will need your shades and your umbrella. we'll tell you why coming up a
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little bit later. anita. >> okay, anny. we got some good news tonight for people that ride the rails to work. metro is adding more trains during the morning and afternoon rush hours. the changes will begin next month and they'll take effect between 6:30 and 9:00 am and from 3:30 to 6:00 p.m. . now, here is some news you'll probably wish you could forget. an increase in flight security fees if the tsa and senate democrats get their way, fees jump from $2.50 to $5, so $10 each trip. the new fees will make up for budget cuts but airlines say their customers shouldn't be penalized. >> air security is a national security function and it's something all of us need to be behind as americans and the government should be picking up the cost of that. >> well, now republicans want to cut some social programs to avoid the security fee increase.
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tsa needs the dispute settled so the agency gets its funding. frying pan park, it's the farm where many of the turkeys go to retire. but now farm animals there have become targets for somebody with a straight blade and a twisted mine. that person slashed four of the animals. two goats, a chicken and a calf. thank goodness all four are recovering. but visitors today were shocked. >> that's atrocious. >> i think it's disgusting. >> it's scary. it's senseless. >> and there's more. you see, one month ago somebody slashed three horses at a stable right nearby. and police are looking into whether the same person did that as well. the vatican dealing with an ugly scandal tonight. and at the center of it, the pope's butler. the man was arrested last week accused of leaking letters that allegedly show corruption in the church's financial dealings with
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italian business, including money laundering and kickbacks. some people believe gabrielle had help from more than one cardinal. >> if he acted as he did, probably there was somebody very important who convinced him to do it. >> the revelations are part of a number of embarrassing leaks that show the church and its inner workings in disarray. if he is found guilty, he faces up to 30 years behind bars. we thought memorial day would be a good time to introduce you to a frederick woman whose instantly recognizable image speaks of war's end and fighters coming home. that is gretta freedman. it was d day. and as gary nurenberg explains, that moment was not exactly what gretta freedman had planned. >> she never saw it coming.
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the picture seen around the world symbolic of a celebration of a long and deadly war finally coming to an end. victory on that day was at first just a rumor. >> i thought, well, the best place to go to find out what it is is times square. >> and when the rumor was confirmed. >> everybody was happy. >> and lots of women got kissed. >> i did not see him approach. he just grabbed. >> including gretta zumer. >> it was a jubilation kiss. informal and impersonal. >> a stranger not restrained. >> that's a real kiss. >> that's a real kiss, yes. >> did you kiss him back? >> i don't think so. i don't think i had a chance. his grip was very strong. >> what was going through your mind at that instant? >> i hope i can breathe. >> and that was okay with you? >> how can i say it's okay.
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i couldn't speak. somebody much bigger than you, much stronger, lost control of yourself. i'm not sure that makes you happy. >> not that she was unhappy. >> he didn't do any harm. >> one of the happiest days in american history. she knows when millions of americans remember it, they remember photographer the picture of her. >> i got a pick kick out of it. but on the other hand, it just says that people are sick of war. >> there's a new about the kiss, but competing claims of men and women that they were the kissers concludes it really is gretta freedman. they have kept in touch. >> is this a pretty good way to be remembered? >> it's a funny way. >> she married a scientist and moved to frederick where he worked at fort diederich and then nih. she gets mail requesting
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autographs on that all american image which she grants with that all american girl next door smile. >> oh, what a smile. so enough of the crowded craziness of time square. after working she jumps on the subway to go home. she walks out of the subway and sees a "nice looking sailor coming towards me" and gets a nice kiss on the cheek. no photographer there for that one, anita. >> they were all sick of war. so well said. thank you, gary. just ahead, a chance for fans to come together to mourn the passing and celebrate the life of chuck brown. god gather of go go. we'll have what you need to know about tomorrow's big gathering. also ahead, a serious shortage felt deeply on days like today. not enough buglers to offer a final fare well to veterans. how you can help after the break.
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this week chuck brown fans will have their chance to bid a farewell to the godfather of go go. it is tomorrow from 11:00 to 10
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pk p.m. from the howard theater. then on thursday you can go to the washington convention center. if you can't make it in person, we'll be broadcasting it tomorrow on air and on our website a lone bugler plays taps during the memorial day ceremony. but at commemorations, that was something missing. a live musician. as reporter bruce leshan explains, there is a nationwide shortage of buglers or trumpeters to play for the vets. >> reporter: 66 years old taps playing ♪ >> reporter: struggling from cancer and the after effects of a stroke, retired navy musician
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doug sorensen played taps at the ceremony. more than a decade ago, congress agreed that every vet deserved a two person military escort to fold the flag and play taps on a cd. ♪ taps playing >> reporter: and a recording is all many vets get. >> we don't know anyone out here. >> reporter: about 1800 american veterans pass away every day. and for far too many, that final live salute is missing. ♪ taps playi >> about the third note that comes out and chips come up. they know that that's it. there is nothing else. we have to let our friend go. >> right now let's just have a
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silent moment of prayer. >> reporter: it has been 20 years. >> i miss you most of all. >> reporter: but wardell tomorrow's as daughr thomas's daughter still remembers the buglers first three notes. >> it was peace. >> reporter: and they cannot believe any family should have to do without. >> the cds, that's fake. >> reporter: a group called bug letters lers across america is recruiting volunteers. >> we're actively looking for volunteers who are able to play taps competently and correctly. >> reporter: it's hoping to ensure that every veteran has a live bugler to call them home. bruce leshan, 9news now. >> well, if you're a bugler or trumpeter who can play taps and
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what 20 volunteer, we have a link on our website the remnants of tropical depression bairl beryl is making its way to carolina. ruining outdoor memorial plans there for people in that part of the sunshine state as well as some in southern georgia. hurricane season officially starts friday. >> it's been a very early start. we actually may get a little bit of an effect from beryl in the next couple of days as it's expected to come up the eastern seaboard and we'll have to see how that plays out for us as it could bring some unstable conditions for us. so here is beryl now. it's a tropical depression. made landfall in jacksonville early this morning and it will impact savannah by tuesday
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night. tracking now northeast basically and actually northwest at around 5 miles per hour. and then you can see by wednesday into thursday it just goes out to sea. but there's a chance that maybe in southern virginia you can get a little bit of impact from beryl over the next couple of days. so we'll continue to watch beryl to see how it exactly impacts us. right now here is a look at the michael and son weather camera. we are looking at temperatures in the lower 80s. dew point in the low 70s. clear skies. winds are coming in from the south. that's 7 miles an hour. it is pretty toasty out there. doppler around the immediate dc metro area is very quiet. but out to the far west, we did see a couple of popup isolated thunderstorms. right now you can see we're quiet and looking at clear skies. it's a pretty warm night and muggy. right now 81 in downtown. 73 in culpeper. dew points are in the 70s. what does that mean? it means it is muggy out there. in fact, here is a look at our dew point comfort inn dex.
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we're in the 70s. -- index. we're in the 70s. a couple cold front in the upper midwest. again, here is beryl passing the northern florida coast and going to south carolina. we are now looking at high pressure remaining in control. showers arriving for tomorrow afternoon possibly hot and humidity again, though, for your tuesday afternoon. you'll need your shades and the umbrella. we'll show you why. thunderstorms are possible. better chance tomorrow. then cooler and dryer air returns for thursday and friday. tomorrow morning is going to be a sunny commute in. you'll need your shades. and then in the afternoon we'll see a few clouds out there and then a cold front coming through tomorrow evening i think a better chance for some scattered showers and thunderstorms that could possibly impact a commute. we'll see some showers and storms and may see some partial clearing by wednesday afternoon. but we'll still be unsettled for
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part of wednesday as well. and see if remnants of beryl will impact us. clear to partly cloudy overnight. muggy. tomorrow morning, warm start. grab the sunglasses. check out the next seven days. 90 for tomorrow. showers and storm. wednesday still hot. 87 degrees. and then we're looging at cooler conditions -- looking at cooler conditions for thursday and friday in the upper 70s. the nats game friday should be pretty good baseball weather and the weekend looking to be in the mid 70s. we'll be right back after the break. [ mechanical humming ] [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪
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and now 9 sports with dave owens, the best sports in town. >> all right. well, if there is one thing that can derail the nats playoff chances, it's injuries. key players have spent or who are currently spending stig time on the dis-- significant time on the disabled list. wirtz was moved to the 60-day dl as he rehabs his broken wrist. the rest of the gang in south florida. i would have loved to be there. z pack, how about a z pack snack
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to the windows to the wall. that stadium looks like an amusement park out there. what is going on out there. drag ons. harper, every day he is off. 3-1 washington. zimmerman homered early and he gave one up to carlos stantin. still in the 6th, this is chris hoffman lining up. miami wins it 5-3 over the nats today. all right. orioles trying to hold on to first place in toronto. north of the border. 4th inning. this is kelly johnson. canadian bacon, crispy and well done. baltimore loses 6-2. the good news, though, tampa also lost. so baltimore still in first place because of that tampa loss. really, it was appropriate. we spent so much time telling you how much lacrosse means to this area. and here we were the biggest game, a collegiate championship
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by two teams from the state of maryland. a military tribute today to brendan looney, former grad passing away in battle. first quarter nobody is going to guard burnheart who strolz rights in. then the -- strolls right in. then the green machine gets going. go greyhound and leave the driving to us. the loyola of maryland scores seven straight and they win 9-3. the coach so emotional. >> there's so many people that have gotten us to where we are today. they have been such big support of our program. this is for our alumni and our university. our kids got what they deserve because they were great all year. >> d wade hugging his mom. mama must have told him how to
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share. lebron had 30 points. miami takes game one. french open, what more can you say about roger federer. i guess the swiss don't age. he'll be 31 in august. his 233 rd victory. federer said i didn't even know that number existed it's so far out there. finally, this is derek salberg. check this out right here. game on the line going up and over the fence. yes. >> he caught it. >> yes. he went up and over. look at that again. up and over. snags it. and they get the win. >> does the roll. >> does the roll. and the plant. perfect. >> seriously. weel be right back.
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all right. it's still going to be hot the next couple of days. 90 once again tomorrow but a better chance for afternoon and evening showers and storms. same deal for wednesday. probably in the morning. then we cool down friday and saturday. back up into the upper 70s. >> a little mortem pret. >> that is 9news for tonight. i hope you had a wonderful memorial day with your family. thanks for staying up with us. good night. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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